Today, environmental, health, and safety (EHS) mandates are numerous and complex:

  • Manage risk and comply with EHS regulations – Companies face a growing number of local and national rules and regulations that are becoming more and more complex – resulting in higher compliance costs and greater business risks. Your company needs to manage the health and safety of employees and contractors, ensure product safety, provide compliant product design, and handle hazardous materials effectively. You must also achieve 100% compliance at minimal cost, with minimal labor.
  • Increased importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability – Public awareness of environment, health, and safety issues and any unsafe condition or product recall is extremely high. Your company wants to be seen as not only compliant, but also actively managing the risks around your product safety and protecting people. Any failure to manage the EHS issues can damage your company’s reputation and brand value – while successfully managing EHS challenges will position you for growth.
  • Reduced costs of managing environment, health, and safety risks – Your company can benefit from an integrated approach to managing risk and compliance issues by implementing standard business processes and centralizing the collection of EHS data. Operations and processes must become more transparent. Compliance practices and processes must become harmonized across businesses, regions, and legal entities – which will lead to reduced costs of compliance.

SAP helps you manage these challenges with the following:

  • SAP EHS Management is a comprehensive, integrated application that enables your company to streamline and implement EHS strategies. With a broad range of capabilities, SAP EHS Management addresses regulatory compliance and helps you identify, manage, and mitigate EHS risks cost effectively by taking an integrated approach to all aspects of risk and compliance. You can maintain operating licenses, avoid incidents, keep facilities and transportation safe, and deliver compliant and safe products to customers.
  • As a foundation for corporate sustainability initiatives, SAP EHS Management helps you overcome the challenges of disconnected systems, regions, and departments. With SAP EHS Management, you can centralize collection of EHS information and report successfully on the positive impact of your global EHS strategies. You can demonstrate leadership in the areas of EHS responsibility and sustainability – and enhance your corporate image and brand value.

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