How Mature is your Safety Culture?

When you’re walking around your workplace, you can do a quick measure of your safety culture by thinking about the following HSE characteristics you see. Which ones most closely mirror your culture?

Characteristic of an immature safety cultureCharacteristic of a mature safety culture
People do not know or follow HSE rulesEveryone is following the HSE rules
People don’t intervene even if they see a problemEveryone will intervene in problems
There is no follow up on reported HSE problemsHSE problems get followed up
There is no recognition for good practicesGood practices are celebrated
There are no consequences for breaches of rulesThere are clear & certain consequences
Management don’t do what they sayManagement do what they say
There are few safety role-modelsThere are lots of positive role-model
There are no safety conversationsSafety is talked about a lots
Safety isn’t mentioned in team meetingsSafety is in every meeting agenda
Management is invisible to the workersManagers are visible and well known
Safety has no visible presence on siteSafety is highly visible
No one knows the organizations HSE objectivesHSE objectives are known

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