What is the problem?

Exposure to airborne solvents (styrene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK).

The potential for exposure to a wide variety of other chemicals: resins and hardeners; catalysts and initiators; fibres and rein forcers; mould release agents; fillers and pigments; inhibitors; and promoters and accelerators.

All are used and may enter the body via the respiratory tract or the skin.

Dust exposure may also be a problem.

Problem assessment

Exposure to solvent vapours in this industry causes a lot of ill health. The problem should be treated as potentially serious. Air monitoring is appropriate only where processes are constant. Biological monitoring is possible.

Control measures

Control air contaminants at source:

  • local exhaust ventilation
  • ventilated booths
  • low-emission guns
  • work behaviours
  • housekeeping practices and
  • appropriate PPE.

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