Department of Safety & Health Training Institute (DOSHTI) is a free Sharing Website in Quality, Safety, Environment and Health by DOSHTI. The DOSHTI works with National and International level to identify individual and organizational-level training needs in Safety, Quality, Environment, and Health Management and other areas. The collaborative relationships with National and International level effectively utilize the resources in producing training programs that meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. DOSHTI develops the assessments provide information regarding both individual-level, competency-based workforce in their work area, as well as organizational-level factors influencing in meeting critical competency-based training needs.

Doshti welcome you to browse our training site and are confident you will find a variety of topics to meet your company’s growing needs. All courses are delivered in a format that allows the flexibility necessary in today’s busy world.

Our site offers free Internet-based trainings developed by DOSHTI, Various Institute, Organisation, and Association to help the Human Community to have the Awareness in Quality, Environment, and Safety & Health topics such as Risk communication, Leadership management, Communication skills, Environmental Health and many more.

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