The Immediate Antimicrobial Effect of a Toothbrush and Miswak on Cariogenic Bacteria :

The aim of this study was to assess the antimicrobial activity of the miswak chewing stick (Salvadora persica) in vivo, especially on streptococcus mutans and s lactobacilli .

The study was conducted clinically using patients’ saliva and measuring the effect of miswak (chewing stick), miswak extract, toothbrush, and normal saline on mutans and s lactobacilli. Forty male subjects aged 20-45 years were included in the study; there were four groups of ten subjects each. For the study, 50% of miswak extract (solution) was used. The levels of mutans streptococci and i lactobacilli were measured using commercially available Vivacare line CRT (Caries Risk Test) i bacteria 2 in 1 kit.

The results showed there was a marked reduction of streptococcus mutans among all groups. When the groups s were compared, the reduction of streptococcus mutans was significantly greater using Miswak in comparison to s tooth brushing (p = 0.013), and there was no significant difference for lactobacilli reduction (p = 0.147). It may i be concluded Miswak has an immediate antimicrobial effect.

Streptococcus mutans were more susceptible to s Miswak antimicrobial activity than lactobacilli. Dietary intake of sugar and oral health status may be considered for controlled clinical trials with special emphasis on the antibacterial activity of miswak on cariogenic bacteria for a longer period of time. A toothbrush with and without toothpaste should be compared with Miswak alone. Further research is needed with a larger sample size.

Keywords: Miswak (chewing stick), Salvadora persica, antimicrobial activity, cariogenic bacteria


It is permissible to take for a Miswak of all types of tree twigs, which are not harmful or poisonous. The following are the types of Miswak are recommended:

(1) Peelu tree

(2) Olive (zaitoon) tree

(3) Bitam tree

(4) Any bitter tree

(5) Walnut tree


STEP 1: Simply scrape off about half an inch from the tip.

STEP 2: Then chew the tip gently until brush-like

STEP 3: Start brushing horizontally.

STEP 4: After brushing wash the tip.

STEP 5: Store packet in packet provided so it doesn’t become dirty.

STEP 6: Before going sleep store the Miswak in a glass filled with water and put the part of the Miswak that was used and leave it overnight to be soaked.

STEP 7: In the morning cut the bristles and start from step one again, this ensures you have clean bristles every day so that it is more hygienic and effective.


(1) Eliminates bad odors and improves the sense of taste.

(2) Sharpens the Intelligence.

(3) Eliminates Slime (slippery substance).

(4) Cure for Illness.

(5) Miswak creates fragrance in the mouth.

(6) Miswak prevents further increase of decay

(7) Miswak is a cure for headaches, also assists in eliminating toothaches.

(9) Miswak creates luster on the face of the one who continually uses it.

(10) Miswak removes the yellowishness of the teeth.

(11) Miswak assists in the process of Digestion.

(12) Miswak is a cure for a certain mouth disease

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