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Produce Insulin naturally

The wordinsulincomes from the Latin insula, which means “island”. This is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which is involved in the metabolic process of absorption of nutrients,especially of carbohydrates (sugars). When insulin is not secreted enough for the body, it causes what is known as diabetes mellitus, when there is excess insulin in the body generates what is known as hyperinsulinism with hypoglycemia.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by high levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia) and which affects different organs and tissues. This condition, as explained, is a major cause of low production of the hormone insulin, or the improper use by the body, which affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.The main symptoms of diabetes are excessive emission of urine, abnormal increase in the need to eat and thirst, in addition to weight loss with no apparent reason. Diabetes mellitus is classified as diabetes type I, II and gestational.

Injecting Insulin is the solution?

Usually, when diabetes mellitus is detected, the used solution is to inject insulin for long-term treatment of diabetes both type one or two. Insulin injection is used to control and level the blood sugar in people who do not produce insulin and whose body cannot control the level of blood sugar (diabetes type I), and also in people who have too high the level of sugar because the body does not produce enough insulin or body does not use it properly (type II diabetes).

Insulin injection is classified as a hormonal drug, and is used to replace the insulin that the body should produce naturally ; it must be injected several times a day according to the medical indication.

How to heal and restore pancreatic insulin production naturally

The body has an extraordinary self-healing capacity; you can reorganize, rebuild and heal by it by given the necessary elements.Any illness is just the conclusion of a series of imbalances and cumulativetoxicityin the body, but it can return to harmony and health if we consider new attitudes.

Beyond the decision made on how to cure this disease, we must take into account that the less dependent the body is to drugs, the stronger it is if you give it the elements for healing. The drug often weakens the body capacity to answer by itself, making it chemical dependent, increasing side effects that can generate and impair other organs and tissues in its action, and weaken the immune system.

It is important to appreciate that true healing comes not through medication but a conscious action. Cure means harmonizing, strengthen and rehabilitate the normal body functions.In the case of diabetes, you should deeply heal damaged tissues and organs as the pancreas, and must nourish the body in general, both physically and energetically.

It is essential to follow a cleansing diet, which remove harmful toxins and fat accumulated in the body which only get it sick and weak. Avoid all products fully refined, processed and sugary foods (sodas, cookies, bread, refined, sweet, etc.), all white flour, fried foods, and red meats. It is essential to include vegetables in your diet, pure water,fruit juices(avoid mixing fruits with food, they should be taken on an empty stomach and wait half an hour to have been digested).

Natural Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that allows cells to have the necessary supply of glucose for synthesis processes that require energy expenditure. Through a process called glycolysis and cellular respiration is obtained glucose, the energy in the form of ATP.

Its main effects are:

  • Stimulates glucosamine and inhibits glycolysis and gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis.
  • Promotes the synthesis of triglycerides.
  • It stimulates the synthesis of fatty acids.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis.

Aloe juice or cactus: One of the best ways to heal the pancreas and help restore proper insulin production is to take aloe juice or cactus. It is recommended to take while fasting mixed with a squeezed lemon juice. Cactus juice is made from half a nopal cactus or a small one, and two lemons with peel. Wash lemons, split and add to the blender with a glass and a half of water. Liquefy a few seconds. Strain this water and now liquefy cactus. It should be taken without sugar or honey, preferably on an empty stomach, without eating anything else until within 15 minutes.

The birdseed: is one of the most beneficial and curative seeds for diabetes. You should prepare daily birdseed milk, by soaking 5 tablespoons this oil in a liter of water. Let it soak overnight and in morning throw the soaking water and wash well with water the birdseed. Then, you put it in a liter of clean water and strain it. Drink this water throughout the day.

The nettle and sage root tea : are great for lowering high blood sugar. Mix a tablespoon of fresh sage in a cup of boiling water, boil for 3 minutes, let stand 5 minutes, strain and drink immediately. In the case of nettle, boil in water, simmer for a few minutes and then remove from heat and strain.

Artichokes : excellent remedy for sugar level and to heal pancreas. You can prepare fresh artichokes either in salad or boiled with lemon and a pinch of salt and olive oil. You can also buy artichoke pills but you have to make sure they are quality.

The optimal vegetables to strengthen and heal the body in general are : garlic (you should take a clove of raw garlic or fasting during the day), fresh onion, asparagus, carrots, alfalfa, sprouts and seeds like flax, sesame.

Other herbs that are very effective to help heal diabetes are: fenugreek, Jamaican flower and ginseng.

Pumpkin seeds: are also remedies to help lower blood sugar levels in the blood.

To help the body restore normal insulin production is needed to support the following natural remedies:

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