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The Best Books for References

  • Safety and Health for Engineers by by Roger L. Brauer.

  • Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers by David L. Goetsch

  • Industrial Safety and Health Management by C. Ray Asfahl

  • Working Safe: How to Help People Actively Care for Health and Safety by by E. Scott Geller.

  • Occupational Safety Management and Engineering by Willie Hammer.

  • Evolution of Management Thought by Daniel A. Wren.

  • Bringing Out the Best in People by Aubrey C. Daniels.

  • Total Quality Safety Management and Auditing by Michael B. Weinstein.

  • Effective Security Management by Charles A. Sennewald.

  • The Psychology of Safety Handbook by E. Scott Geller.

  • System Accidents by Thomas A Smith.

  • Environmental Health and Safety Audits by Lawrence Cahill, Raymond Kane.

  • The Behavior-Based Safety Process by Thomas R. Krause

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    Intresting books for Learning

  • A Practical Guide to Risk Management by Thomas S. Coleman.

  • The Essentials of Risk Management by Robert Mark.

  • International Handbook of Work and Health Psychology by Cary L. Coope.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management by Thomas J. Anton.

  • Values-Based Safety Process by Terry E. McSween.

  • Human Error by J. T. Reason.

  • Ten Questions About Human Error by Sidney Dekker.

  • Managing the Older Worker by Bill Novelli.

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